Our Design Team

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Matt Monforte

Engineering Designer

Matt has been supporting artists, designers, engineers, inventors, and entrepreneurs, for over 20 years, helping these creative people realize their visions. With a background in engineering and an ongoing study of art and design, Matt bridges the gap between visionary concepts and concrete solutions. His work can be found behind the scenes in theater and stage productions, theme parks, trade shows, websites, visitor and science centers, museums, public displays, audio and video productions, product and graphic designs, on four continents.

D’Arcy Monforte

Graphic Designer

D’Arcy holds a bachelor of arts in graphic design with over 15 years of experience including logo design and brand development, book pagination, and ad, newsletter, and brochure design. Her passion for calligraphy influences her desire to create clean, balanced, and original designs with conscientious, typographic choices. 12 years of meditation, and the meditative art of Yang style T’ai Chi, keep her mind clear, and a smile on her face. She enjoys hearing what the client wants or helping to discover design solutions that in turn bring a smile to her clients’ faces.

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